Sunday, January 29, 2017


Voting for the winners (one in each category!) will be open from Monday Jan. 30th until Saturday Feb. 4th. Please be an honest participant, and vote only one time in each category, to keep the contest fair. 

Beginning Sunday, February 5th, until Saturday, February 11th, MEPSA will be accepting offers on each one of these beauties. Wouldn't one of them look great in your showstring? Funds generated help MEPSA put on the best Championship show anywhere, with an awesome book and a slew of great prizes! There is no minimum starting bid, but please use at least $5.00 increments. Bids go to Elena Lemm at or PM her on Facebook. 

Category 1 - Novice (any amount of work done by a Novice customizer)

A. Remade to a sweet morab stallion, with tucked head and wind blown tail, and airbrushed to dark bay.
Artist: Elizabeth Jones- Winner!

Category 2 - Repaint or Repaint/Mane and/or Tail work 

A. Intricate semi-leopard appaloosa repaint, with mottled skin and striped hooves.

Artist: Shandi Bech (Denmark)- Winner!

B. Gorgeous dapple grey Arabian mare repaint - with star dapples and a lovely face.

Artist: Corina Roberts- thank you!

2. REPAINT and REPAINT/HAIR- Please choose your favorite

A. Appaloosa
B. Dapple grey

Category 3 - Simple CM less than 50% reworked

A. Performance friendly  mare, hand painted in shaded light bay, and repositioned with neck stretching forward, with custom mane and tail and detailed hooves.
Artist: Carole Ingram- Winner!

B. This lovely gal was repainted a dappled red bay and rehaired!  
Artist: Meg Walker- thank you!

C. Remade into a fantastical unicorn with tucked head, repositioned leg, and remade gold mane and tail.
Artist: Karen Dietrich- thank you!

D. Lovely chestnut Arabian mare with turned, tucked head and remade mane/tail.
Artist: Kayla Lovejoy-  thank you!

3- SIMPLE CUSTOM Please choose your favorite

A. Stretched neck bay
B. Red bay haired
C. Unicorn
D. Chestnut, turned and tucked head

Category 4 - Major/Drastic CM more than 50% reworked

A. Completely remade to a pregnant Arabian mare with real hair and real character! All ready for a show with her mane in diamond braids, she picks this time to roll in the dirt. 
Artist: Pernille Bojsen (Denmark)- thank you!

B. Completely remade with light feathering, a sculpted head and wind blown mane and tail, this mare with an opinion is a beautiful shaded bay. 
Artist: Julie Brooks- Winner!

C. Drastic custom to a Lippitt Morgan stallion - with a Totalis head, in characteristic dark bay 
Artist: Lisa Shepard- thank you!

4- Drastic custom- Please choose your favorite

A. Pregnant mare ready to roll
B. Windblown bay with feathering
C. Lippitt Morgan stallion

Wednesday, August 31, 2016



and the winner is...
all non-winners are entered into a year-end drawing for a nice 2nd chance prize. We thank you for entering and helping support MEPSA!
All these pieces will be available as fund raisers- please inquire, or wait for info on MH$P. 

1. Historical India Elephant Disguise Costume, c. 16th century, includes dressed doll


Historical India Elephant Disguise Costume, c. 16th century
Mewar is an ancient region of the south-central Rajasthan state in western India.   According to history and legend, the Merwar leaders would dress up their horses as elephants for battle.   A horse’s tack included body armor, a false trunk, and sometimes even tusks and pachyderm ears.  The purpose for such a disguise was twofold.  First, elephants do not care much for horses, and troop discipline and the proper marching/battle formation could be better maintained if the elephants thought the horses marching with them were also elephants.  Second, elephants in the opposing army would not attack what they thought were baby elephants, so the elephant-disguised horse-mounted soldiers could quickly maneuver close to an elephant-riding enemy.   Ingenious!

2. Tucker Style western trail saddle with bridle and saddle pad

Tucker trail saddle

3. Western show halter with lead

Western show Halter

4. Native American costume with bridle, horse mask, bell collar, wool saddle blanket

Native American tack set
Northern Plains men's pad saddle set with beaded Pendleton mask, matching saddle blanket and historically correct bell collar.

Winner prize!
Western doll by Anne Field

Please choose the item you think is best

1. Elephant costume
2. Western saddle set
3. Western show halter w/lead
4. Native American set
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