Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MEPSA tack making contest! Updated with new entry!

Please vote again if you voted before- we had one additional entry! MEPSA is very happy to get these great entries- they will help us buy our ribbons and rosettes for next season, and print the book. (If you haven't seen the book, you're missing a treat!)

Here is the Saddle division of the MEPSA 2010 summer tack making contest. Winner will be determined by popular vote and will be awarded the lovely custom Sandicast Paint horse done as a donation to the club by the very talented Lisa (Rivera) Shepherd. MEPSA thanks Lisa and our wonderful tack contest entrants for supporting MEPSA! The Non-saddle division will follow toward the end of the week.

E- complete tooled western saddle set with silver, breastcollar and two ear curb bridle.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A. This miniature complete pack set, including the donkey.

B. A complete Traditional size Western pleasure set with tooled saddle, silver trimmed bridle with romal and Navajo style pad with wear leathers.

D. A complete hunt seat set with braided reins, decorated browband and noseband

C. A complete western bosal set to fit Chips and Stablemates.