Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The MEPSA prop contest 2014

We had two entrants for this contest. MEPSA is very thankful for every entry we get! Please vote for your favorite of the entries. The winner will get a very nice prize: their choice of a customized model by Cassie Black, or an unfinished goat resin from Seunta.

THANK YOU for voting!! We had 58 votes, and the winner of our 2014 prop contest is Liz Jones, our MEPSA President and artist.

1. A doll- Halloween or Mardi Gras prop?
Thank you to our entrant, Kristian Beverly! Her doll brought votes, but not enough to outvote the set of jumps. Kristian will be entered in the 2nd chance drawing with our other contest entrants! Good luck!

2. A set of stablemate scale hunter jumps (horse not included)
Prop by MEPSA's President, Elizabeth Jones! Thanks, Liz, and congrats. Liz may choose her prize.

Thank you to our entrants!
Stay tuned, because Danielle plans to continue the contests, and I will use this blog for the 2015 Horse Of The Year voting.