Thursday, May 5, 2016

May 2016

May we present the minis entered in our custom contest: please vote for the one you like the best. Please vote only one time, to keep it fair for all the participants. The winner will receive the darling artist resin pony shown at the bottom, after the contest entries. We thank all the artists who have entered to support MEPSA.


1. bay Appaloosa sporthorse with molded on tack
Artist: Elizabeth Jones
"She is a LB scale resin by “Stone Critters”. I am attaching a picture of the uncustomized model. I added a braided tail (Apoxysculpt over a very light wire – it is not as hard as I would have liked and should be treated gently), cavesson and reins (leather) It has a textured (winter) coat. I painted her with acrylics and she has glossed hooves, eyes and nostrils.

2. Semi-leopard Appaloosa
Artist: Amanda Ingram


3. Snowflake Appaloosa Arabian cross
Artist: Kayla Lovejoy

"This is the G2 running mare with the head from a G4 endurance arabian. 
I removed the main and sculpted a new tail. The white spots are supposed to represent 
bird catcher spots"

4. bay Morgan
Artist: Laurel Dedes

"Simple custom with pastels and acrylics on the G1 Morgan stallion, one of my favorite molds"

5. Leopard App sporthorse
Artist: Bobbie Allen

6. chestnut Thoroughbred
Artist: Bobbie Allen

7. Andalusian cobra mare
Artist: Carissa Kirksey

 "She is a 2016 CM G3 Standing Stock Mare to PRE cobra mare. She has new ears (the body's was missing ears) that are metal reinforced for strength, roached mane, & shaved & banged tail - also metal reinforced. Her neck was heated & moved, so there is still the strength of the original plastic there. She was painted with oil & acrylic, sealed with many layers of dull coat, & glossed with clear acrylic finish. She has details such as hairing around her star & heel, shaded hooves, chestnuts, hot brand on her right hip, detailed eyes, & dapples. She is signed & dated on the belly. She comes with a cobra bell collar, which is not attached to her but is not made nor meant to be removed either. She is LSQ IMO; I wouldn't hesitate to show her that's for sure!"


The prize!