Wednesday, September 4, 2013

MEPSA Costume contest- SEASON FINALE

The winner, Kim Jacob's Buz-Kasha costume, is going to be the recipient of a surprise arts and crafts box!

Any of these entries are open for offers to purchase! Otherwise, they will be offerd on MH$P, auctioned on eBay or awarded as special MEPSA prizes. They will ALL benefit MEPSA.

A. Zebra costume
It's a stripey!
Traditional size.
By Elizabeth Jones

B. Buz-kasha Player  THE WINNER!
    A game played on horseback throughout the Middle East and Asia Minor
that involves two teams and gaining possession of a dead goat.

    The tack consists of a saddle blanket-saddle pad combination, saddle,
bridle, and neck amulet.  The saddle blanket is hand-sewn and
hand-embroidered.  The saddle pad is hand-sewn and edged with decorative
trim.  The saddle is similar to a Turkoman-style gooseneck saddle.  It was
built on a handmade metal saddletree, additionally shaped with wire and
leather, and covered with dark brown fabric.  The girth is black elastic
with a fancy trim girth cover and hook-and-eye closures.  The adjustable
stirrup straps are made from brown satin ribbon.  The stirrups are the cast
English type from Rio Rondo.  

The bridle is sewn from leather with
jewelry-findings hardware and decorations.  Reins and throat-tie are
braided embroidery thread; lead-rope is good quality string.  The neck
amulet is sewn from brown satin ribbon and adorned with jewelry findings.

This tack set fits a small traditional scale horse the best.

    The rider is a reissued MEGO-style action figure.  He is wearing tan
slacks, black socks, brown shoes, a yellow inner shirt, a tan outer shirt
with a fancy trim waist wrap, a striped robe, and a tan headwrap-cap.  He
carries a whip because the game can become quite violent and anything goes.

    A documentation sheet is included.

By Kim Jacobs, famous in MEPSA for her wonderful, correct and elaborate costumes!

C- Little Bo Peep and her sheep
Comes with doll
there is an extra face mask of Vetrap, and a change of leg wraps to fleece, all included.
The pony (a Bouncer) is shown wearing a fleece mask, vetrap leg wraps, and a fleece "wool" blanket. He has an adjustable ribbon halter, made large to fit over the mask. There is a ribbon lead rope. The mask closes with velcro. The blanket is made similar to a regular horse blanket, with ribbon straps in the front and under the belly. 

The doll is included. The costume may not come off her. The costume came on a dollar store Easter rabbit, and was slightly modified to look less bulky. She has on plastic Breyer western boots. The doll's hat is loose, but can be stuck on with sticky wax. She carries a crook staff made of wire and sculpey.

By Laurel Dedes

D.  Festive Gypsy type costume

By Alexis Marnellos

E. Arabian Native costume 
 classic scale

By Christine Lewis
Visit her site, she has lots of cool stuff there!

F. micro custom Parade horse with attached, detailed saddle set.

This Micro mini parade set was created with very thin skiver leather on a hand-sculpted tree. Hand painted dark blue flowers and vines on a splotched blue and tan background. Tack is glued to a CM liver chestnut micro mini for ease of traveling. 

By Elizabeth
Visit her site to see her mini and micro work, and sale pieces!

G. Native American brave costume
Has done well in Live showing
Come with documentation.

By Mary Lineman

H. Marwari Native headstall
This is an ethnic headstall, worn over an English bridle, with a variety of bits. It is made out of embroidery floss over hemp cord, sealed with Fray-Check to be sure it doesn't unravel with use. The frontspiece is a triangle of lace with an embroidery floss fringe, sewn through three strands at a time, knotted and sealed with Fray Check. The strands are left long so the headstall can fit other models. They can be trimmed.

By Carissa Kirksey of Sprucewood Farm
Carissa is nearing the casting if her first resin horse- this model- SWF Sundara!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

FINAL CONTEST of the SEASON coming up

Our final contest is a costume contest. We have only two entries, and entries close August 18th, unless we hear that more are on their way. After that, the new season schedule will be published here.
Thank you from MEPSA!

Thursday, August 1, 2013



MEPSA's Prop Contest 2013!

Comment: "This is SOOOO difficult to choose. Every entry is worthy."
Meg Walker-

Two free-standing arena wall pieces (can be used as a straight wall or a corner)
 3 striped poles and 4 potted flowers.
Traditional scale.

Stablemate scale cross country jump, including flags and stand for the Breyer SM jumper. Horses shown for scale only. 



Baaa! This entry consists of five Stablemate scale blackface sheep

Traditional size hunter jump with decorative plants

Traditional natural wood hunter fence with 2 flower pots
Wings are 6 5/8" tall and 3 1/2" wide to the bases & have jump cups
Rails are 11" long; ground pole is 10 1/4" long
Overall width is 17 1/2"
Danish oil finish
Flower pots are clay colored with white and dark red flowers
Horse is not included, but shown for scale

It's a road! Diorama.
Traditional scale. Horse shown for scale only. 

Construction barriade set-up including cones, barriers, mesh barrier and sandbags

Construction themed trail props.  This entry consists of two orange
striped barricades, two orange mesh barricades (with four sandbags), and
three orange traffic cones.  All of this is sized for Pebbles sized
models.  Props are made out of Balsa wood and hand painted.  Cones were
purchased to help enhance the props.  The "sandbags" are used to weight
down the uprights for the orange mesh barricades.  They are filled with
dry rice instead of sand to make them lighter and less likely to leak.
These obstacles can be used in an Arena Trail class, Natural trail
class, or even a Parade entry class. Horse shown for scale only. 

Wooden trail bridge, horse shown for scale only.

Entry H
Jump with changeable center panel
Stablemate/Chips Scale Show Jumping and Hunter-Over-Fences Set

 Set includes:
-          2 stone standards
-          Set of removable red and white show jumping flags
-          8 potted peonies in two sizes
-          4 striped planks for show jumping
-          3 solid poles and 1 stone plank for hunter-over-fences
-          Stand-alone jump number (not pictured)
-          Footing
-          Original 8x12 inch backdrop photographed by the prop maker

 This two-in-one jumping package is suitable for show jumping and hunter-over-fences.  As a result, it has removable flags and polls so that showers can modify it for the two different classes.  There is a set of striped planks for show jumping—use all four planks for a grand prix jump.  Or switch to the white polls and brick plank for hunter-over-fences; just remember to remove the flags and use one of the white polls as a ground line.  The brick was simulated with a printed close-up photo for lightweight standards with photogenic realism.  The jump cups are fixed for greater ease and quicker set-up time.  The flower pots and planks were coated in satin sheen to protect the painted surfaces.   This jump combo has been paired with a bag of footing and a photo backdrop so that the future owner has a complete photo show set-up straight out of the box.   Horses pictured are not included.


Stablemate/Chips Scale Basic Arena Trail Set
   Set includes:
-          4 ground poles
-          8 potted peonies
-          Water hazard walk through
-          Bridge walkover
-          Footing
-          Original 8x12 inch backdrop photographed by the prop maker

 This set includes essentials to get a shower started in western or English arena trail and be competitive.   It will work with standing, walking, trotting, and loping/cantering models.   The water hazard contains a very shallow amount of water simulated from clear gel and it is complete with wind ripples.  The bridge has carved plank details.  Both the bridge and the water hazard fit within size and safety requirements for common associations such as the AQHA.  All props have been coated in satin sheen to protect the painted surfaces.  The set comes with a photo backdrop and matching footing so that the future owner has a complete photo show set-up straight out of the box.  Just add your own horses! (Models pictured are not included.)


Six potted plants, reversible, with a different design on each side. Traditional scale.

Six potted plants, in three pairs. Traditional scale. 


Micro mini Butterfly jump with extra pole
Also shown with a small SM scale horse, last photo, horses shown for scale only.

The prize for the winner
An awesome, blinged out two ear western bridle from MEPSA supporter
Jennifer Buxton of Braymere Saddlery