Thursday, April 24, 2014

Presenting the 2014 MEPSA Custom Stablemate contest!

Please vote for your favorite horse. Please be fair, and limit yourself to one vote only. We will identify the creators when the contest is over. Our winner, with the most votes, gets an unfinished "Merlin" mini artist resin, and all the other contestants are entered into MEPSAs 2nd chance drawing.

A.  G2 cantering Warmblood in buckskin with braids
Catriona Harris, from England!

B. G2 stock horse in reverse dapple roan (with documentation photo)
WINNER! Cassie Black, Cassie Black Creations. Yes, she does commissions! 

C. G2 trotting foal with butterfly in bay sabino
Lynette Sayers, from New Zealand!

D. G2 trotting foal in appaloosa
Catriona Harris, from England!

E.  G1 Saddlebred in dapple grey
Laurel Dedes, your MEPSA Donations Coordinator

F. G2 rearing Arabian in Appaloosa
Corina Roberts, your MEPSA Vice President!

G. G1 palomino Saddlebred with new mane and tail
Peggy Guinan, Copperearth Creations

H. G1 Quarter Horse in Appaloosa with new mane, tail and ears
Elizabeth Jones, your MEPSA President!

I. G1 Seabiscuit in bay rabicano
Laurel Dedes 

J.  G2 cantering Drafter repositioned, with new mane and tail
Peggy Guinan, Copperearth Creations

THE Prize: Merlin

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A gorgeous dapple grey Sue Kern SCS SIX, painted by Alice McWaters (Malcolm) Traditional scale Draft stallion. His name is (was) Sarge. Donated by Alice Malcolm to benefit MEPSA. headed to MH$P, then eBay!