Friday, August 26, 2011

MEPSA 2011 Tack Contest

Thank you to all for voting! We had runaway favorites, and no wonder, they are from Braymere Saddlery, Jennifer Buxton. Jennifer is a periodic MEPSA shower, and long-time supporter! We had great other entrants, though, too- please scroll down to see the names.

Welcome to the 2011 MEPSA tack contest! We have entries for you to vote on here. Your entries, and your votes, help to support MEPSA Model Equine Photo Showing. We have just finished this year's Championship show, and everyone is excited about the great book and their prize boxes! We had lots of great donors and sponsors, and all of them are greatly appreciated!

On to the entries!

Saddle Division

1) Here is a side saddle set, ready for the show ring. Bridle with caveson and breastplate, saddle, and I think I even see a sandwich case! Braymere Saddlery- Jennifer Buxton
find Jennifer at-

2). This is a Stablemate size Western pleasure show saddle. It is heavily decorated with "silver" to show off your horse. The saddle is 100% handmade with a custom pattern, sculpted clay tree, silver cut from tin, and basketweave style carving. The saddle is sealed to protect the model and to create a light oil look. The girth is fully adjustable, there are buckles for a breast collar, and the fenders are treated with gum tragaganth so that the future owner can bend them into the needed positions. The girth is backed with chamois for softness and protection. The pad is made from soft, fake suede. This saddle was completed just this week and so will be a fresh new item in the show ring. It is most ideal for the G2 running thoroughbred and G2 trotting stock horse/appaloosa Breyers. It is signed and dated under the large skirt.”
BY: Kristen Williams
and a beauty it is! I love tacked up SMs, and I'd love to be able to buy this one myself, and support MEPSA doing it!

3. This is a medieval or RenFaire jousting costume with a fleur-de-lis design. It has the two piece caparison, pillowed chamois saddle, under pad, and removable head armor for the horse. It is mostly lined with chamois leather. This one is mine! It was fun to make. I'm always happy to support MEPSA any way I can, because showing with MEPSA is great! Laurel Dedes

Bridle Division

1.) This is a turquoise zebra striped western bridle with brow band for pleasure or gaming. I will come with 2 sets of reins--split and closed. The features are:
made of hand dyed dark brown (almost black) leather (not lace), stitched marked; silver buckles with keepers, throat latch, western curb bit with curb chain, woven (not braided) turquoise/white reins with silver accent and tassel ends, inlaid turquoise zebra pattern on brow band and cheek pieces with turquoise medallions with silver accents.
BY: Mary Butler reach her at:

2.) Here is a red endurance type bridle

By: Danielle Seivers of Australia! Contact her at

3.) A two ear show bridle in heavily decorated leather
Braymere Saddlery- Jennifer Buxton

4) An English leather snaffle bridle with a braided rein.
By: Gin McDaniels

5) A red "nylon" stable halter

By: Mya Lehto. Mya can be found on MH$P as M.Lehto and her email is

6) Western saddle pad with southwestern design
By: Mary Lineman,
another multi-talented MEPSA shower and supporter!