Saturday, January 23, 2016

CONTEST CLOSED- scroll for winner and artist's names! 
WINNER- SALAZAR- bay roan Mustang by Carissa Kirksey!

Saturday a.m. and offers are now closed. Congrats to our new owners!

I apologize for the delay- but with no further ado...

Prices are under each name- these are either starting offer, or o/b/o. Which is noted above each horse. Any Khemos not sold will either be kept as prizes, or advertised for sale later. All increases in offers should be by $5.00 increments. o/b/o can be more or less. Offer what you think it's worth if you think we've overpriced. These offers end Saturday a.m., and any with offers will sell then. Any unsold will no longer be avaialble from the blog. Reasonable time payments are accepted with perfect references. Ask for details.

 A) Khemo CM- dapple grey canter!
Julie Brooks, artist 

B) Khemo CM- black pinto gallop
$50.00 obo
Chris Kube, artist
This is her 1st!!! custom. I think she did an amazing job. Of note, Chris used thin wire for the m/t. I think that is a clever idea.

C) Khemo CM- park trot chestnut
$95.00 o/b/o
Corina Roberts, artist
Our MEPSA Judge Coordinator

D) Khemo CM- walking unfinished
$50.00 o/b/o
Laurel Dedes, me. Sorry I didn't get her finished. I did have fun doing what got done.


E) Khemo CM- flaxen chestnut tail over back
Carole Ingram, artist

F) Khemo CM- bay roan Mustang
Carissa Kirksey, artist
Carissa has released original sculptures and is an up and coming super artist. She is defintiely one to watch. She currently has two available sculptures.
Yes, he's totally amazing!

The making of a Mustang from a Khemo

G) Khemo CM- Liver chestnut flaxen trotting
Shana Bobbitt, artist

Choose your favorite Khemo custom!

A- dapple grey cantering
B- black tobiano galloping
C- park trot chestnut
D- unfinished walking
E- chestnut tail over back
F- bay roan Mustang
G- liver chestnut trotting
Poll Maker

MEPSA's next makeover- the Proud Arabian Mare! Want to compete? You are welcome to join us by submitting a customized Proud Arabian Mare to MEPSA by Dec. 31st, 2016. If you are a Live Show proven artist, MEPSA will send a body to you to complete. If you accept a body from MEPSA, you must return it, finished, or donate a like model to MEPSA.