Thursday, June 30, 2011

Championship show underway!

The big Championship show for 2010/11 is underway! Carolyn Bailey has taken a photo of a sample of the prizes available to win for MEPSA showers. A veritable embarrassment of riches, I'd say! Thank you to all of our supporters, and good luck to all our entrants!

If you are not at this year's show, visit MEPSA's website at to get your entries ready for the first show of the new season. Nothing to join, no registrations needed, just start showing.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

MEPSA Tackmaking contest

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MEPSA is holding a model horse tackmaking contest as a MEPSA Benefit. This contest is open to ALL. Winner will be decided by popular vote. Voting will be open to ALL. One person = one vote. Voting will be done on the modelequines blog at You do not have to join any group in order to vote. This is a great way to get your work shown to a potentially huge audience, win a great award, and help MEPSA put on a terrific Championship show.

Contest Rules

1) All tack must have been made by the entrant. All major parts of any sets must have been made by the entrant. For example, you may not make a saddle pad, and enter someone else's saddle with your saddle pad as an entry. However, if the saddle is your work, a saddle pad made by someone else (and noted) may be included as part of one entry. The tack may be previously made, or made especially for this contest. Your identity, as tackmaker, should be kept under wraps until the voting is over. Please don’t tell everyone which entry is yours. Guessing is part of the fun!

2) Tackmaker may enter any type tack (Western, English, Native costume, historical, circus, other) in any scale, and the tack may be anything, ranging from a halter and lead set to a complete set with saddle. We will have two divisions- Division A for an entry including a saddle or vehicle, and Division B for entries not including a saddle or vehicle. You may enter one entry in each division if you wish.

3) All finished tack may have a clear digital or scanned photo of each side, on a model, sent in to MEPSA- Carolyn Bailey- - at MEPSA can do the photographs for you if needed, when we get the tack.

4) ALL entered tack becomes property of MEPSA to raise funds or use as Championship show awards. This is a MEPSA Benefit contest. Tackmaker must send the finished tack to MEPSA upon completion- Carolyn Bailey, 971 Trailside Ln, Bartlett, IL 60103-5159- at their own expense. There is no other fee to enter.

5) Winner of Division A- saddle or vehicle included- will be awarded a certificate for a free custom rider doll from the super talented Joan Yount of O-U-Doll Studio. Check her site at : OR a gift certificate for a Herden calf from Carol Herden of C.O.W.S! Your choice.

6) Winner of Division B (entry without saddle) will receive the prize not chosen by the Division A winner, or a NIB Breyer model, winner's choice.

7) The contest will be publicized heavily on the Internet and in model horse groups. Please help spread the word!

8) Deadline for producing your tack and entering it is August 15th, 2011. Voting will take place at the end of August or the beginning of September. We will accept entries from now until August 15th.

9) MEPSA appreciates an intent to enter statement as soon as you determine that you will enter, sent to Laurel Dedes- This is not binding, but will give us an idea how many entries to expect.

Thank you! Please help support model horse photo showing by entering!

Results of last contest

There were nine great entries for the Prop contest, ranging from an adorable Stablemate scale barrel prop and a diorama style log jump, to a Trail and Game set, and a intricate castle jump in Traditional scale. The winner of the contest was the Trail and Game set, made by Laurel Dedes. As a MEPSA officer, Laurel donated the prize back to MEPSA to award in the Championship. Other entrants were Margaret Harris- Red Oak Ranch; Carolyn Bailey; Christine Lewis- Wild Winds Tack And Props, WY,; Elizabeth Jones; Tonia Stouder; and Karen Dietrich, KL Keepsakes

You can see photos of the entries at:

A huge thanks to our entrant supporters!