Monday, August 20, 2012

The first MEPSA contest of the season!!! Costumes!

THANK you so much for supporting MEPSA, entrants! I apologize for being disorganized and not on the ball, there has been a lot going on here.

Without further ado, our entries:

Carissa Kirksey

1. A native Marwari ethnic accessory. The Marwari is a breed native to India. The colorful tack is worn over a standard English bridle, with any type of bit. Made of embroidery floss and hemp cord, it has a frontspiece of lace, with individually threaded floss woven through. The headstall was coated with clear acrylic sealer to keep it from unravelling. The strings have been left long to fit models other than the one modeling it here. Our entrant supplied us with a link to an authentic Marwari headstall:

Kim Jacobs! Thank you, Kim!
The second entry is a Stablemate sized native Arabian costume in blue, gold and red. 

Linda Watson Gresham! Thank you, Linda!
Our third entry is also a Stablemate scale Arabian costume, this one trimmed in pink red tassles.