Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Stone Western Pleasure Makeovers- Finally!

MEPSA held a contest for people (anyone!) to makeover a Stone Western Pleasure Horse any way they wanted. Thank you so much to our participants who returned their models, or have kept in contact and will return ASAP. To the few people who took models, have not returned them, and have not communicated, you must return the model in the shape it was sent to you, or reworked, in order to be in good standing with me (and maybe with MEPSA) At least, communicate please!

But we got some wonderful horses! Please match each horse with the one term  on the voting poll that describes it best. Please use each description only once, so each horse has a different description. Each contributor will receive a small prize from MEPSA, and the be noted in the Championship show book. THANK YOU, entrants!

1) From Peggy Guinan:

2) From Elizabeth Jones: the story of a custom

3) From Jennifer Sneed: in steps :)

4) From Janis Whitcomb

5)  from Cassie Black: a long ear story!

6) From Corina Roberts- with a name, Fox.