Wednesday, April 27, 2011

OOPS- One more prop entry!

9. Mini size barrel set- Karen Dietrich- KL Keepsakes

This set comes with the following:
Mepsa sm sized barrel
2 hand made sm size cones.
floating dust
Small canister of "dirt" to match ultra suede
Piece of Ultra Suede.
3x 5 printed card explaining pattern for live showing

MEPSA Prop Contest!

Below are the names of the propmakers for the contest. These lovely props will become MEPSA prizes.

Finally- the MEPSA prop contest! I apologize for the delay- getting our house sales ready and the holiday held me up. But here we present the entries:

1. Jump with red urns- Tonia Stouder-

2. Purple flower pots- Carolyn Bailey

3. Wooden red and green jump- Christine Lewis- Wild Winds Tack And Props, WY

4. Stablemate scale jump- Margaret Harris- Red Oak Ranch

5. Red flower pots- Carolyn Bailey

6. Blue Urn flowerpots- Tonia Stouder

7. Trail and Game props- Laurel Dedes

8. Traditional scale jump- Elizabeth Jones

THANK YOU to all our entrants! We really appreciate it! Please vote one time only for your favorite entry. You may change your vote anytime until the contest ends, five days from today (Monday, May 2nd).