Sunday, December 12, 2010

MEPSA Writing contest!


A long standing tradition at MEPSA is the production of an annual book presenting Championship results, along with club news and informed articles that help to advance model equine photo showing. Included may be Topics or articles on equine breeds and performance, on photography, or on model horses.

MEPSA serves halter showers of Original finish plastic and china, Artist Resin, and custom model equines, as well as performance showers, providing a competitive series of seasonal qualifying shows culminating in an International Championship. In order to maintain the high standard of quality of our keepsake “Championship” book we need quality articles. We know there is plenty of knowledge in the hobby, and we want to tap into that. This year, no one ran for the office of book coordinator. Therefore we need to start putting the book together early, so as not to hold up publication after the championship!

SO.. We are holding an exciting contest for article submissions!This contest will close at the end of January, so DON’T WAIT!
Articles can be on anything model or horse related that would be relevant to model equine photo showing.
The best article chosen by an impartial judge (entries will be anonymous) will win a

$100 gift certificate for a Stone Design-A-Horse model!

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Articles must be original and the author must be able to assign publication rights for the article and photos to MEPSA.
The championship show book is a publication that will be available for sale through Lulu (a small publisher).
The text (3000 words or less) should be provided as a .doc or .txt file and the photos should be submitted as separate .jpg files. File names should include your last name with a serial number (example: Jones1.jpg) Send the articles to Elizabeth Jones at:

Advice to writers:

Write about what you know best! How can your knowledge be applied to model equine photo showing? Here are some examples of the kinds of articles we would like to see:
· Describe an unusual breed(s) [example: an article on Australian horse breeds] and which models make a good fit
. How would you customize a model to better represent it?
· Choose a breed and discuss conformation/character of various molds that could be shown as that breed.
(For example the many Morgan models or TB models: which ones make the best models and the specific conformation faults we should consider)
· Model breed assignment
· Western Performance classes
· Photography tricks
· The making of artist resins: who are the artists?
· You name it!

Do your research- take your pictures ...
this is your chance to get published.
A qualified judge will choose the best article, and what a great prize!
We will publish as many articles as we can. MEPSA reserves the right to use any articles unpublished in 2011 in subsequent years.

To be included in the contest, articles must be received by Elizabeth in digital form by the end of January! If you do not receive confirmation, please contact me.

The fine print:
When you submit your article and pictures, you assign MEPSA the right to publish the material in print or on the web.

Full acknowledgement will be given for authorship and photography.
If the material is published elsewhere (in print or on the web), this should be disclosed when you submit your article.
You must obtain the rights to publish images that do not belong to you.