Monday, May 18, 2015

MEPSA 2015 Stablemate custom contest

Ta Da! The entries for the MEPSA Stablemate custom contest. Please vote in appreciation of the generosity of our artists, and help your favorite model win a SM scale resin. Thank you to our own Carolyn Bailey for photographing some of the entries.

LYNETTE SAYERS!! with her dapple grey bowing custom!
Lynette will receive this lovely Stablemate scale Artist Resin to finish- a TUMLINSON CRUSADER- as her prize!

All these models are available for bid, shown on MH$P.
Bids also shown below
Bids start at $15.00 for any of the entries, plus $7.00, postage in the USA. Please help support MEPSA and take home a custom Stablemate.
Watch for next year's contest!

MEPSA's upcoming contest is the HOLIDAY CONTEST
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1. Sliding stop Appaloosa
by Jennifer Arsuaga
Thank you!

2. pinto Drafter
by Danielle Duggan
Thank you!

3. black Drafter
by Carissa Kirksey
Thank you!

4. grey Drafter
by Laurel Dedes
Thank you!

BID $30.00 5/23 KHJ

5. buckskin Quarter Horse
by Amanda Ingram
Thank you!

BID $15.00 5/23 LD

6.  roan scampering foal
by Danielle Duggan
Thank you!

7. bay Spanish horse
by   Lasair Johnson
Thank you!

5/23 $20 BH

8. Appaloosa foal
by Danielle Duggan
Thank you!

9. bowing dapple grey
by Lynette Sayers
Thank you!

 5/25 $22 SK
5/27 $25 CB