Monday, June 19, 2017

MEPSA 2017 Custom Mini contest

Please vote (just once) for the entry you like the best. The winner gets a mini blank Artist Resin!
Thank you all for entering these wonderful horses!
We have a winner for the artist resin, please scroll below.

1. Spotted donkey
by Elizabeth Jones!

2. Buckskin Mustang mare
by Elizabeth Jones!

3. chestnut SM Valegro
by Elena Lemm!

4. Artist resin Clydesdale, Soliliquay
by Linda Watson-Gresham!

5. SM trottting foal in bay
by Karen Harper!

6. bay rolling horse
by Kayla Lovejoy!

7. seal bay Little Bit Morgan
by Laurel Dedes!

8. rose grey G1 Arabian WINNER! 
by Carissa Kirksey, Spruce Wood Studio

9. cantering leopard app Drafter
by Corina Roberts!

10. Palomino horse
by Amanda Ingram!

Please vote for the custom mini you like the best

1. spotted donkey
2. buckskin Mustang mare
3. chestnut SM Valegro
4. Artist resin Soliliquay
5. bay Sm trotting foal
6. rolling horse in bay
7. seal bay Morgan LB
8. rose grey Arabian G1
9. leopard App Drafter
10. palomino horse
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