Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bridle, set and Halter division- MEPSA contest

1- a western gaming bridle with a little bling

2- A stock show halter with lead

3- A Russian historical bridle! MY mistake, not a "folk" bridle at all, but a bridle for nobility!
"Russian Rapture"
A historical Muscovite Boyar bridle with leadline for light warmblood type horses.
Large Traditional size- made on the Peter Stone Thoroughbred but also fits Lonesome Glory/Proud Arabian Stallion/similar large-headed horses. Not for horses with wide-set ears
Simulated gilted copper (gold leather) with dark brown leather straps
Many dozens of individual decorations- gold sharksteeth tops w/ handpainted semiprecious "stones"
Fancy browband and noseband medallions with Ro Rondo conchos and Swarovski crystals
18 goldtone drops on bridle
Working fancy tongue buckles
Armored silver painted metal reins
Cast snaffle bit
Red leather leadline is over 1 foot long

4- Chips scale stock show halter

5- a black western bridle with matching breastcollar

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